2 Leather Straps with Snap Ends

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2 Leather Straps with Snap Ends

This listing is for 2 Pieces.

This unique accessory piece made from braided real leather and have snap ends. The snaps on the ends don't really make sense to me, so I would personally cut them off. Not all of them stay snapped for very long, so I would secure it with permanent glue and use as a decorative feature should you keep the snap ends. I'm not sure what the original purpose was, but you can re-purpose/use it for embellishing purses, bracelets, chokers, hair accessories, key chains, and more!

9 inches length
13/16 inches width

Colors: black, burgundy, gray, antique brass

Note: While colors are matched as close as possible with a calibrated monitor, colors from the images may vary depending on individual computer screens.

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