Multi Colored Fabric Surprise Scrap Pack Designer Fabrics SPK00002

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This scrap pack includes high end designer fabrics.

You will find 10 to 11 pieces of different fabrics such as: silk organza, silk novelty taffeta, wool crepe, wool twill, nylon netting, Italian lace, corduroy, brocades, wool gauze, suiting fabrics, seersuckers, etc. There will occasionally be some knit fabrics.
Most of these fabrics range between $15-30 per yard.


Many of the pieces are 8x10 inches or way larger (double or triple).
Smallest sizes are around 5 x7 inches, but you may only find 1 or 2 of those in each pack.
Colors: You will usually find black, grey, white, and sometimes turquoise, red, purple.

These scrap packs are great for smaller projects such as hair accessories, coin purses, doll clothes, scrapbooking, patchwork, and pin cushions.

***Please note that each scrap pack is different. The fabrics shown in the photos are examples of the kind of fabrics that you may find in your scrap pack. ***

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