Knit Fabric Variety Surprise Scrap Pack Larger Pieces SPK00001

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Knit Fabric Variety Surprise Scrap Pack Larger Pieces

This listing is for 10 generous size pieces of variety knit fabrics (around 2 lbs of fabric!!). You will often find printed knit jerseys, french terry, solid colors, sweater knits, stretch lace, stripe knits, etc.

Most of the fabrics included are larger scrap pieces.....the smallest is around the size of a printing paper (usually only one of those are included if at all), and the larger pieces are around 1/4 yard worth, sometimes more. Some of these pieces are the full width of the fabric or substantial pieces to make accessory projects, such as: bows, skinny scarves, patch scarves, panties/thongs, gloves, headbands, doll clothes, baby clothes, baby bibs, baby caps, etc.

Some of these fabrics are end cuts from rolls, and some might have minor discrepancies such as spots or small holes.

***Please note that each scrap pack is different. The fabrics shown in the photos are examples of the kind of fabrics that you may find in your scrap pack. ***

Note: While colors are matched as close as possible with a calibrated monitor, colors from the images may vary depending on individual computer screens.

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