Open Weave Sweater Knit Fabric Bright Heather Neon Coral Pink and White 2 yards OSK00138

SKU: OSK00138


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Neon Coral Open weave sweater knit fabric

This listing is for 2 yards.

This is a beautiful soft subtle textured open weave knit fabric, perfect for beanies, sweaters, scarves, shawls, overlay dresses, and more! Please note the color in real life is much much brighter than in this photo. It is literally like hi-liter neon coral pink.

2 way stretch
cotton polyester blend
59/61 Inches Width (There are larger size holes in the selvage, but it does not affect the 59 inches usable width)
Colors: bright neon coral pink, white

Note: While colors are matched as close as possible with a calibrated monitor, colors from the images may vary depending on individual computer screens.

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