Origami Like Satin Applique Pieces Variety Bundle Pack 44 Pieces SPK00129

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Origami Like Satin Applique Pieces Variety Bundle Pack
This listing is for the 44 pieces that you see in the photos.

These are unique origami like satin appliques. I'm not sure what the original intention was, but they are awesome! Get inspired and make something creative with them! I can imagine part of collars or cuffs, appliques on bags, pillows, some kind of jewelry fabric, fancy bib, and more! Some might be slightly imperfect, but I looked through and took out the unusable ones. Some have interfacing.

Fabric Information:
sizes vary around 9-16 inches for length and 2.5-5.5 for widths
Color: lavender, purple, pinks, blues, greens, browns, orange, white, yellow

Note: While colors are matched as close as possible with a calibrated monitor, colors from the images may vary depending on individual computer screens.

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